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HURRA PANGPANG  was established in sweden late summer 2021 by Hanna Linnea Ryd & Izabella Simmons. It's rooted in our mutual love for second hand clothing and the leftover stock that never reaches the consumers. We target the value and memory charged in these items and by re-design we turn them into something that it before was not. These materials are the core of our philosophy and practice. 

In our studio and showroom in central Gothenburg we collect unwanted materials from second hand sorting facilities and private clients. We have developed a design method where we link these items together to generate a new wearable hybrid. 

Belongings are a persons movable possessions. Everything has its story, memory and value. This could be a broken handbag from your youth, a sweater passed down from a relative or your favourite pair of jeans waiting for better days. 

With the love of storytelling we create something new out of the already existing, to start a conversation and let the story of a memory be re-told. 

We turn your forgotten treasures into wearable treats